MAX 8 Livery Suggestion/Request ( Cayman Airways )

Since the new max 8 is coming out, i think it would be a great idea to add the Cayman Airways Max 8. Seeing that Cayman Airways had the first Max 8 in the Caribbean i think it would be a great idea to keep that legacy alive by making it one of the first airlines to be added with the MAX 8 into infinite flight. It would be a great deal to the small islands as the MWCR airport and its sister airlines will soon be 3D. Thank you for considering.

Hello! Nice suggestion! I’ll first refer you to the Features category where you could take a look or even create your own request for you and other users to vote for.

Something cool for you. I did find a Cayman Airways requested livery already made. So head on over and give it a vote and who knows…maybe it ends up in IF!

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Thanks alot rick, also i do dable in the fine arts of air traffic control

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Anytime! That’s good! Maybe I’ll be able to hop on your frequency sometime.

Always controlling MWCR. Training

See highlighted post :)