Maverick's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ PASSED PRACTICAL!

You’re doing great though you’ll do great just dont forget to sequence as you will need to sequence multiple planes on the practical test . Do you have a trainer yet? I’ll try to come to your training sessions

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Just a recruiter…

Did you ask for a trainer yet?

Whos your recruiter

No I haven’t.

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Wesley Henrich.

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Just saw your note. I’m guessing I’ve missed this session.

Just closed. No big deal man. Maybe Tomorrow??? If anyone has suggestions on airports they wanna fly at let me know. I’m in the NW so those are the ones I’m most familiar with. But I’ll control anywhere.

Great recruiter love him! You’ll do great

Ask wesley if you can get a trainer of you havent already then you can start the official training sessions

Eugene is perfect. Also Sacramento. A good one that is a bit challenging for ground work is Vancouver. It also gets a good bit of regular traffic.

Open at KPSP

Nevermind something came up I have to close…

Tower and ground at KPSP for bit.

Good session!

  • Perfect transition altitude and entry command for touch and go.

  • Clearances were on time.

  • My request for a runway change might have been a bit late, but you issued a good command (right base). I know you realized you made a mistake with the runway number, but it was a very good move from you to make the clearance for the correct runway after that.

  • Exit runway command was a little early, I received it at 76kts, it should be issued between 60-70, but ground frequency was perfect, thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback and work!

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I’ll be there!

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Open In AZ! @B787fan @Sammi_Starlight @Wesley_Fry @InfiniteFlight_Shots @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX @David_Mullen

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Can’t join, I’m having my IFATC training in a few min, sorry!

No big deal thanks

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