Maverick's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ PASSED PRACTICAL!

Time to practice for the test…


Ok coming!


Bring it on!

Coming soon !

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Thanks for the work!

FeedBack From I-MFOX

1. Transition: The Airport’s Level was About 400ft so You have to Issue To me Not 2500ft but 3000ft.

2. Pattern Entry: It was Good. BUT I think Left Traffic would be more Safe Because There are Mountains ⛰ when I Turn Right 😂

3. Runway Change & Pattern Entry: It was Good ! Fantastic!

I hope To see you in IFATC Team !


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Thanks for the input…yeah I though about the transition…after I issued it. And I felt you were a good enough pilot to avoid terrain😉

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Open at KPSC. My home airport. Don’t know how much time I’ll have…

How embarrassing I forgot to put my gear out. I’m coming back!

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Oh Nooooo! See ya in a sec

Awesome work,
No need for the cleared for immediate take off for the horizon plane.
Thanks for the service!

I didn’t want him hanging around. I can’t tell you how many times on the training server, It takes multiple minutes for pilots to takeoff…thanks buddy!


Can’t agree enough! Lol

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Fly in or out of KBOI. Visit the capital of Idaho! @David_Mullen

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How much longer will you be open for?

45min or so

Okay, ill be on my way! :)

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Some feed back from N23UD

You forgot to sequence me!!! Should have been N23UDtraffic to follow is on right downwind cleared for the option 28R.

If I am to follow another plane to the same runway I need a sequence. That way I can keep my spacing

Also I understand the say intentions thing but it wasnt neccessary I was setting myself up for a GA by gaining altitude.

Runway exit was great all ground instruction was great and everything except that sequence was awesome. I was especially impressed by the transition

Hope to see you in IFATC soon

Thanks for the feed back buddy…Yeah I forgot the sequence…

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Good job, I didnt see any flaws, however im no ATC master so I don’t know much ahaha. Overall good job though.

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