Mauritius to South Africa - A359

This is my first #screenshots-and-videos post so any feedback will be appreciated :)

Server: Training
Route: FIMP - FAOR
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Livery: Air Mauritius
Flight Time: 4:17hrs

Parked at Gate 13 @ FIMP for boarding, ready for the 4hr journey

Smooth takeoff with the sunrising in the background

Cruising at 43,000ft over Réunion

Entering mainland Africa on the coast of Maputo, Mozambique

Lining up for long finals RW03L at FAOR

Successful landing achieved! (or atleast better than Ryanair)

Successful taxi and park at gate A01 at FAOR

Hoping these were sufficient screenshots, first time doing one of these!


I was literally watching a replay of a FNF in early 2020 a few minutes ago where I flew this route but then the other direction, what a coincidence.


Nice pics 🤩🔥

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a coincidence indeed haha

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Thank you!

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Pictures looks great! Thanks for sharing :)

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Photos #1…🤤 killer!!!

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