Maule Mxt-7

The Maule M7 is a 4 place trainer 180 horsepower airplane made by Maule. It either has a tricycle gear or conventional type gear. This aircraft would be a great plane for all the off country airports we have in IF. Currently Henderson State University has the largest fleet of Maule aircraft with 20 aircraft. Some specifications are
Rotation: 52 knots
Short field/soft field takoff: 48 knots
Full weight:2400
Empty: somewhere between 1400-1600 pounds
Cruise speed: 90 knots
Useable fuel 40 gallons
Total fuel: 43
AUX tanks: add 15 gallons
Gallons burned:10.5 an hour

GA is one area which IF is lacking. A yes from me!


It looks like it’s about to tip over any second now…


I would love this and like @FlyFi said it does look like it can tip anytime.

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It’s not I promise. It’s a very stable airplane

Nice. Would be brilliant to see some high-quality trainers in IF

totally agree with it

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I’m down for this plane. It would really sharpen pilots skills