Maui Mayhem

Hello there!

Earlier today, the skies over the island of Maui were quiet and peaceful. @Butter575 had opened G/T ATC services for some friends and i decided to fly in to Maui to get in on this.

Things went downhill faster than Ryanair’s descent rate on touchdown.

Mini Mod Repellent

Aircraft: B738 in the Southwest Heart Livery
Route: PHKO - PHOG
Sever: Training
Cruise Details: 14,000ft at 240IAS

1| Preparing for departure from Kona

2| Departing Kona

3| Well Into my approach into Kahului…. Things are still peaceful

4| And the peace is ruined. A get buzzed by an F-16. Little did me and the others know a simple F-16 buzzing wouldn’t even scratch the surface of what’s to come…

5| Touchdown! This here is the last peaceful image…

6| I get told by ATC to give way to an aircraft, so i look around at the terminal and runway to see who it is and along comes this 757

7| At the gate now, as a 737 takes off while that 777 does… something. I dont know what but they were doing it

8| Airberlin takes off towards the terminal (both takeoff as in “I took off running” and as in “the airplane took off from the runway)

9| Airberlin didn’t get very far, they stalled and did a cartwheel on the west side of the airport

10| this 757 got impatient, lined up on the runway in the way of a southwest 737 and began a takeoff roll, only for them to veer off the runway and tail strike for 20 seconds before finally getting airborne


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Thanks for dropping by!

~if there’s any formatting issues or whatever, do let me know below so i can fix it!~


I have no idea if this is going to break my ATC reputation or not

Wasn’t your fault

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Amazing pictures!

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I was the F-16 lol

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I initially thought you did a hit and run on me, since i didnt see you coming until you popped out in front of me!

Ha! Sorry for the wake turbulence 😅

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Glad you thought they were amazing!

It was quite unexpected what happened for most of these!

Typical TS chaos!


No biggy, i had bigger problems to deal with

Also did you know wake turbulence actually was in IF for a few days or so a few years back?

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Chaos for sure

I wasn’t expecting it to be like LAX or LHR though!

They need to bring that back

I think they removed it because it wasn’t supposed to be released and that it would be a trolling mechanism to GA planes

Ah…makes sense

Me and some others from a group I was in tested it extensively with GA aircraft vs wide bodies. The GA aircraft lost every time


Yeah pretty much