Maty NZ's ATC tracking thread (CLOSED) @ EDDL


I’m closed now.

Thanks everyone !



Server: Training
Airport: KSJC
Frequencies: Tower/Ground
Open hours: March 17, 2019 5:00 PM March 17, 2019 6:30 PM

I’m training. I would like some practice and some feedback. Pattern work is very welcome.


I’m having connection. Issues. Will restart router and try again.


Think you mean KSJC


Yes, typo. Thanks,


Feedback here or PM?


Here its ok


That was good. You corrected your mistake when I requested runway change by issuing a standby followed by clearence for the option. You do have an option in there to say correction or disregard last message which would have been better than standby but that’s no biggie. Well done for spotting me hanging about on the runway and telling the guy on final to go-around. Your sequencing and clearences were good. When you had that departure you could have asked me to extend downwind to give you more space. In this instance you asked me to maintain slowest practical speed when I was on final. It worked OK because I was in a TBM, however, we normally would not issue maintain slowest practical speed if aircraft is on short final as its likely they are already at landing speed and full flaps etc. The manual says not to issue this command if the aircraft is within 4 miles of touchdown but in this case I think its OK as I was in TBM. Just something to bear in mind. The last thing - I asked for frequency change. You had already given me instructions to change frequency in the runway exit command so you should have responded with ‘duplicate frequency change’ in your miscellaneous commands. All in all very good. Good luck and best wishes.


Great feedback!

Thanks, I still have to memorize where are some commands.

For instance “correction, stand by” I know its there but i always forget where.

I will also take into account the other comments! I still have to practice to be faster.



Thanks to everyone that showed up.

I hope everyone had a good time.

I´ll be expecting any feedback you have.



Hi Maty
Mostly very good for me, sequencing, pattern entry, tranisitions all spot on. Just a couple of points.

  • Michael has mentioned the maintain slowest speed on final above, but subsequently went to a go around… Didn’t help with speed bird disappearing/re-appearing but his crash was spectacular 😂

  • The rw change stumped you abit, but you did get there in end 👍

  • At the end, was inbound for landing, but you cleared me for the option.

I’d say mostly there, just maybe a couple more sessions of practice.


Great, thanks for the feedback.

Yes, that speed bird really complicated things for me.

As for the runway change, I had a couple of missed rows on the communications dash. In this session it was terrible, I sent many missed coms.

The last one, couldn´t remember if it was landing or touch and goes, so I just went for the generic, if you stayed, better for me hehe.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave feedback.


I had a couple of close approaches, didn´t know exactly what to do. Like @Jersey_Paul or @Michael_O_Sullivan mentioned. If the airplanes are too close(my general rule of thumb is 3 or 4NM to the rwy) then I should just tell them to go around?

Or say expedite, with the exit instruction or clear for take off instructions, and leave the go around as the last option(1 or 2NM)?



It’s good to deal with the unexpected though 😉

What do you mean by missed rows? Do you mean you mis-clicked? You did correct straight away though, which is the important thing 😊

It’s easy to forget, don’t forget you can always look at the chatlog for that plane when you click on them to communicate 😉


In my case, I was in a much slower plane, so should of been fine, however when he re-appeared I think you issued the go-around fairly quickly. The maintain slowest practical didn’t really play any part, other than that you did what you could under the circumstances.


But yes sorry so expediate with exit, or clear for immediate take-off. 3-4nm is still abit of time for the situation to be resolved.


I will issue a go around as late as possible as people once they start their take off roll they can be in the air fairly quick. Just avoid sending maintain slowest practical speed on final as it’s a bit pointless as they will be at landing speed. If the runway guy takes off then all is well and good. If not go around and cancel take off clearence (you don’t want the guy taking off into the go-around)



Server: Training
Airport: EDDL
Frequencies: Tower/Ground
Open hours: March 18, 2019 11:00 PM March 19, 2019 12:00 AM

I’m training. I would like some practice and some feedback. Pattern work is very welcome.


Coming by right now!


Give me 10’ for my feedback