Mature (18+) Virtual Airlines

Hi Guys,
Just wondered if there any Virtual Airlines that cater for the older/maturer (18+) audience that play Infinite Flight?
A bit random, but I have always wondered if there are VA’s out there just for adults who play Infinite Flight!

Thanks 😊


I don’t think so, but most VAs are usually quite mature and have stricter requirements than others.

Visit to view a list of IFVARB-approved VAs that might interest you :)


Thank you!! I am a part of TUIVA and it’s great, but always wondered if there were any VA’s that were for the older audience!!
Would be interesting to see if there are a lot of adults that play this simulator, and if so, would they want to be a part of an adults VA 🤔
Any VA’s you would recommend?

Well, I know a lot of adults that use Infinite Flight (look at the moderation group as an example).

I’m not sure if we’re allowed to promote our VAs here on the forum, but feel free to shoot me a DM to discuss further ;)


Suggest you scroll through #live:va , but you can find some VA that have higher age requirements then others, but all VA/ VO try to maintain professionalism at all times ;)

Honestly, I don’t think there is a need for a 18+ VA. Sure, this is coming from a 14 year oldwho is really supposed to be doing Maths Homework right now, but, all VAs are professional, for the most part.


There are some VAs which tend to have an older demographic! Some of these are VirtualBlue and GAF! However both are open for younger audiences! Hope this helps!


Yes that is true! Thanks for your reply!

Yeah! I might take a look at these!
Are you a part of VirtualBlue or GAF?

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I’m in Virtual Blue and 34 other VAs. So far it is the most mature and professional VA IMO.

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Wow 34 others🤯 Sounds good I will take a look! Thanks!


Most virtual airlines requirements are 13/14 and above. Not only that, I’m pretty sure most Infinite Flight players are below 18, though most VAs are matured thanks to the staff.

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You have to be at least 15 to join a VA, when I came to the community I didn’t know that VAs were official things so I put delta virtual in my profile but I am not apart of any VA, I am not old enough.


The rule differs between different Virtual Airlines. Some are 13, some 14 or some 15.

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Ah yes, I was looking at Delta Virtual, of course I would pick delta lol.

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I know AFKLM has 16 years of age, so they are probably quite mature. Sadly I can’t join as I am not 16, but I think they have the oldest age requirements

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Great! Thank you!👍

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I recommend AFKLM, it’s a great VA, and I am proud to be a part of it. I also think it would be what you’re looking for.


Try not to advertise here 😉


Great thank you!!