MattPHX ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

Hi All,
I’ve passed the theory portion of IFATC and I’m practicing for my practical.

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I’m open at KLUF. Open for pattens.

Closed at KLUF

Thanks to those that came out!

Open at KRNO. Stop by for a few patterns.

Do you have an ATC Trainer? Are you apart of the ATCEG?

I’m not part of ATCEG nor do I have a trainer. You can leave feedback on the thread or send me a pm if you’d like. Thanks for flying today!

Closed at KRNO.

Thanks to those that came out to fly!

Ok I will leave it here so if an IFATC or Trainer sees that I have said something inccorect they can jump in.
Please keep in mind that I am not qualified IFATC yet.
Ok so you have the concept down, just need a few holes filled and some habits changed.

  • So you cleared me for takeoff from RWY 16R and told me to make RIGHT TRAFFIC, as I was on my CROSSWIND you told me to enter RIGHT DOWNWIND RWY 16R. This is unnecessary as I took off from 16R and told you I was remaining in the pattern. It is assumed that I will already be entering CROSSWIND, DOWNWIND, BASE and FINAL for that particular runway. The only time you need to tell an aircraft to ENTER is when they are inbound or they want to change their runway.
  • You gave me landing clearance very early, this is GOOD! Sequence and Clear early, this is a lesson that will make your life very easy and you have already learned it. Solidly in the good! However, you said “CLEARED FOR THE OPTION, NUMBER 1, RWY 16R, AFTER THE OPTION MAKE RIGHT TRAFFIC” You do not need to tell me to make right traffic again. I took off with right traffic from the same runway just moments before, again it is assumed that I am working the pattern for that runway. You did this for every landing I made. Now lets say I switched to 16L then you should tell me “after the option” instructions.
  • When I requested departure to the WEST you approved it, great, but you need to push the FREQUENCY CHANGE, don’t for get that.
  • Then I requested to transit your airspace, and you gave me a TRANSITION altitude of “AT OR ABOVE 6,500 FEET”. Now KRNO is at an altitude of 4,415 Feet. Adding 1,500 feet for pattern altitude and then a 1,000 foot buffer would yielded an altitude of 6,915 feet above sea level. While this did not impact flight operations because Air China had not yet taken off it could be devastating if you had aircraft in the pattern. I always look at the airfield altitude, add 1,500 feet, then add 1,000 feet for separation. Now if you have an aircraft that is higher then 1,500 foot pattern use their altitude and add 1000 to that. Keep in mind that your airspace only goes to 5,000 feet above ground level(AGL) from the airfield altitude.

Otherwise good job and keep working hard. If any IFATC or ATCEG members want to add or take away from my notes please do so.

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Thanks Sean!

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I’m open at KLUF for the next 30-60 min.

Patterns and transitions are welcome.

Using 21L/R

I’ll update the thread when I close.

Closed @KLUF.

Open at KPHX

Patterns, Transitions, Departures accepted
Using Runways 08, 07L, 07R for departures/arrivals.

Closed at KPHX,
Thanks for flying.

Hi, just some quick feedback here. I was confused why you gave the guy in the jet taking-off from 08 a right hand traffic pattern when I (a tbm) had just taken off of 07R with a right hand pattern as well. Left traffic would for 08 would make more sense. I also don’t know why you changed my runway right before you logged but that was ok. Best of luck with your training!

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Open @ KLAS

Closed @ KLAS.

Thanks all for flying this evening!

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