MattPHX ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

Hi All,
I’m trying to get some practice and feedback as I try for IFATC. Please feel free to send feedback via PM.
Thanks for flying with me!


Hi All,
I’ll be at KPHX until ~24:00Z

Airport: Phoenix Sky Harbor (KPHX)
Server: Training Server (TS2)
Status: OPEN unti ~2400Z
NOTAM: Landing Runways 07L and 07R, Departing 08. Pattern work accepted.


So you only control one airport? Nothing else?

N21AD; I’ll come down.

I think he was saying either his first opening or was providing format for how the openings would appear.

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Seems like a very niche thing to only control one airport tho

I personally disagree. I think it’s good to branch out to different airports to get different controlling experiences :)


Well of course, isn’t that everyone’s mentality?

Anyways, let’s not hijack this guy’s thread. Let’s go give him some traffic.

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You can go ahead, I’ll be here if he has any questions

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Where do you want your feedback? @MattPHX PM or here? I know you said in your first message, but it’s a bit of a long one, might be best in pm.

Hi @AternDestroyer PM is fine. I appreciate you flying with me.

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I will send feedback via PM as well.

Thanks for controlling and seeking feedback!


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