MatthewSwift’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED WRITTEN]

Hey there, I’m going to be doing written in 2 days so… I’d like to practice my ATC skills and prepare for practical. So if you’re free come by at LIRF for some patterns

Departing and arriving runways: 34’s
Airport status: Open
Aircraft: no GA please

Feedback is highly appreciated


You’ve made three other tracking threads. For future reference, you can just edit the title whenever you open or close instead of make a new one every time. Happy controlling!

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Oops sorry about that! 😬


Hey @Captain_Cign
Any feedback?

Hiya @MatthewSwift
Great session! Kept the flow of traffic really well and have improved in everything! I really liked how you alternated us making left or right traffic depending on the runways and told me to continue upwind! You don’t hear that a lot! Really well done 👏.
Happy Flying :D
I can’t think of anything that was not top notch :)

Wow, with that, I’m really proud of myself, thanks!
It was pretty busy too! And sorry for holding you for such a long time on ground, there was a lot of patterns and aircraft landing so, sry

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Sorry I’m now closed

just noticed!

Just edited haha

I’m open at Gran Canaria for some patterns!

Perhaps tag a few friends to get them here!

Yes! Just asked some of my AFKLM friends

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Wow! Didn’t see that coming

😉 Lol just to check!

Haha good!

If nobody shows up, you don’t have to do more patterns, if there was more I could practice sequencing

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I will stop by for a little bit!

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Oh nice! Thanks

@PlaneStyle @Aviation3 let’s see if they are free!

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I am currently doing a flight… sorry. Tag me next time ;)

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