Mattheus Aviation News User Submission

Mattheus’ Aviation News User Submission

Hey everyone, as an aviation news reporter, I always like new ideas for articles. So I decided to add a user submission page. These forums are if you have a story or fun fact/history in aviation article you want me to publish. Please make sure to read over the forums carefully and answer all of the questions if possible.

Article Submission Forum

Image/Funfact/History Submission

If you have anything for me that you want in the next Aviation News Installment, don’t hesitate to submit something to me.

What do you guys think?

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Looks interesting, although it seems some of your forms are locked, so you might want to open them for responses.

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Is it Fixed?

I’m still having problems:

Great idea though! I look forward to contributing in the future:-)

Should be fixed. If it continues to have problems, please tell me.


Still accepting responses!

Sorry to bump this, however, I am going to unveil aviation news videos. And I need some stories. If any of you guys have any stories, please send them to me via the forums.

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