Mattheus' Aviation News Special Report: Heathrow Airport Shut Down Due to Drone Attacks

Mattheus’ Aviation News Special Report 1/8/19

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Just a couple of weeks after the shutdown of London Gatwick Intl, drones have attacked Heathrow. At around 1:00 EST drones were reported to have entered Heathrow airspace.

All aircraft operations were immediately halted as police have begun yet another search for more drone operators. Police believe that this could be a copycat event or an organized ring of drone pilots. The drones have been thought to be industrial grade, but a clear description has not been reported. At 2:00 EST, airport operations resumed.

Via the airport’s Twitter account, a spokesperson said, “We continue to work with the Met Police on reports of drones at Heathrow. We are working with Air Traffic Control and the Met Police and have resumed departures out of Heathrow after a short suspension. We will continue to monitor this and apologize to anyone that were affected.”

Updates soon to follow.

Update 1: The United Kingdom’s military and MI5 have become involved in the situation.

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Seriously again, these people need to stop.

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Agreed. This needs to stop.


Well if it’s the same people causing this, then I guess they can say goodbye to the outside world.

sometimes people just don’t listen

This is getting silly rn Gatwick and Heathrow drone sightings I mean how hard is it to be nice and show a decent amount of consideration

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Can you check to see if people talk about this? So far I’ve seen 3 topics about it and it’s annoying lol

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