Mattheus' Aviation News Announcement

Mattheus’ Aviation News Announcement

Hello everyone, I have been hinting at making aviation news videos, well that was a red herring. I was instead designing an entire website dedicated to all of my aviation. There you can find all of my spotting, blog, about me, and aviation news. Along with that, you can partake in aviation discussions as well as a whole lot more. Go check it out!

I hope you are excited for this new website. Here is the link: I will see you all there!

So Guys, what do you think about this new website? I hope you guys are excited!

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Also, do any of you have any comments or recommendations on my website?

My personal opinion is that you are posting too often for Mattheus News. Use one main thread for everything for news. Like IFCWeekly or other news things on the IFC, they use one thread. I recommend you do the same

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I was considering that, however then I thought a website would just be more mainstream. Along with that, it would be easier than using format for IFC. I for some reason find IFC formatting really hard.

New website come out for VA’s and news sites regularly. They just use their main thread

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I really don’t know. I am using a website for multiple purposes, so I really do not know. It is really up to what people think.

I agree with the above on using one thread for updates.

Also this is an Infinite Flight forum and I am not seeing anything relating to Infinite Flight on your website. IF news, interviews, VAs are all related to Infinite Flight and post updates. This seems more aviation in general related.


I fully agree with you, however I am considering adding an Infinite Flight section to show my flight simulators. It really varied, but I think I am going to add it.

One problem I see for you is when you post a new topic, or have a continuous updated thread in #real-world-aviation, I see it every time you add something, with this I’m going to have to dig around for the website, and it’s just not the same. You have to be really top notch you people to seek you out, and wile I find the quality of you’re posts good, I don’t think people will seek you out…


@Chris_S Can you please just close this. I honestly don’t want to deal with the repercussions.

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Closed by request.