Mattheus' ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ KPSP

I am on to gain operations and practice for IFATC.

NOTAM: No altitude requests needed.
Airport: KPSP
Server: Training
Status: OPEN
Tower: Gound and Tower

I would love if you guys could come on down! Don’t be shy.

Please make sure to give me a hello!

Also, if you have any feedback for me. Please do not hesitate to comment it down below.

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Just some word of advice you don’t start off being a radar controller when you join the IFATC. So I’d suggest opening tower and ground somewhere for better practice and feedback ;D

I know. I am just using it to gain operations and practice for radio. I mostly do tower and ground and just wanted a change.

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Just a friendly reminder do not open at airports like EGLL so we can test you open at a smaller airport with no people so we can test you.

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Open once again at KPDX.

might stop by…

N922BW here. Why aren’t you sequencing? You don’t need to tell someone to enter left downwind when they are remaining in the pattern, or to turn base. You also didn’t clear me to land, which is why I called going around.

I’d recommend watching the tutorials and keep practicing!

Thanks Bew. I will. I am still new to controlling patterns so this is kind of distant.

No better practice than to keep opening. You’ll get the hang of it!

Mmm hmm, nothing better than practice.

Hi @Mattheus

I was VH-STM at KPDX. There was no sequencing or clearing aircraft in the pattern. Also no exit runway instruction was given. Keep watching the tutorials and keep practicing.

I’m cmng by now

Thank you Sean, I will take it to heart.
As I have stated,

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Great controlling I always love when KPDX is open I was just coincidentally flying from KHLN to KPDX anyway loved the controlling keep up the good work!

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Thanks Nathan!

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Once again open at KPDX.

I can be on approach/Departure for you

I am mostly doing pattern work, so I will be good.

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Anyway I will be doing touch and goes as N5351L(an actual registration for one of the planes at the Hillsboro Flight School)

I’ll be there soon how long do you think your going to be open?