Mattchew_Bald's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to @Mattchew_Bald ATC Tracking Thread
Hi, I have passed my written and just need some help for my practical. Pattern work is what I need to work on the most. Thank!



** Server:**

Ground & Tower

Runway(s) in use:
1 L/R


I will be open in 20 minutes at KSJC!

Hey i’m going to join right now if you’re still open. Ping me when you’re doing future sessions.

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Yup still open!

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Ah shoot I can’t join sorry. I literally just realized I have a flight going on my Ipad.

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If you do not already, I recommend getting a trainer.

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All good I’m going to close up for today, but I will be open every day for the rest of the week. I will ping you when I open! And yes I am on the training waitlist.

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Do you have a trainer and just wondering who?

No, not yet.

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Have you asked your recruiter?

Yup, just waiting now.

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Ah so you’re on the waitlist. Maybe I’ll attend one of your sessions once you get a trainer :).

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Definitely, that would be great!

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Feel free to ping me for training sessions on discord once you get that trainer!

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Will do thanks!

Hey Mattchew, thanks for the service at KSJC, here’s some feedback.

Only two things.
Timestamp (1:17): Did not receive a clearance. That’s why I reported my position on final. No clearance came which resulted in a go around.
Timestamp (1:24): Carrington requested rwy change to 12R. You did it perfectly but the following airplane in line (me oo-lxv) has to be resequenced. So in this case, “oo-lxv nr. 1 cleared for the option”.

For the rest very good!👍

Stef (oo-lxv)

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Thank you for the feedback these were both things I was wondering about so I appreciate it!

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I am open at SJC if anyone can join!

@VortexVolt I am open! :)

How long will you be open?