Matt93's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A


Once again I’m training to become an IFATC controller, I will be open daily and I will always open an airport with parallel runways.

I will control ground & tower to test myself on both frequencies. There isn’t one particular thing I want to be tested on. Expect the unexpected :)

Today I am open at LFMN (Active until 16:00 Zulu time), runways in use for traffic are 22R & 22L, pattern work is accepted.

Please if you can stop by, test me & help me to improve :)

Thanks in advance.


I haven’t had 1 plane in over an hour 😂

What’s going on? Is everyone in bed or at school lol.


I’ll be There now

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Thank you 🙂

@Othman_Asli Your flying in?

I can stop by in about 15 mins if you are still open.

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I will be, thanks @EpicNYC04

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yes, I the crj

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Hi @Eseriess 🙂

Thanks @Othman_Asli

WELL DONE keep it up :)

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Any improvements?

I’m sorry about that delay @EpicNYC04, bloody Thomas Cook 🙄

Send that command again @EpicNYC04

Hi, thanks for your service at LFMN! You did great, I didn’t notice any mistakes (except my own bad flying :P)

Good job !

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Thanks so much @MaxMann 👍

Ok guys I’m wrapping up now @Eseriess @EpicNYC04

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Any feedback @Eseriess, before you say it I know I should of give you a frequency change after the transition 🙄

Is that correct? Do I do that or is that when a aircraft is departing my airspace only?

That was good 🙂 Thanks to those that attended @Othman_Asli @Eseriess @MaxMann & @EpicNYC04 Please be honest, if any errors we’re made tell me lol 😂 @EpicNYC04 I should of anticipated that go around a little earlier, I’m sorry. I changed you back to RWY 22R because I thought you were having a problem turning and landing on RWY 22L.

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Not bad!
Remember you are both tower and ground! While I was on the ground I taxied through the terminals. Know your airfield be prepared for anything like taxiways and transitions 😂. Also I was hoping you would notice my terrible approach and issued me a go around the first time. I was also aligned with the wrong runway. On the second go around I did appreciate the right traffic and I was hoping you would send a right traffic command.

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