Matt93’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Controlling was good for the time I was there, hopefully you didn’t notice me crash.

I did sorry :) Shame you weren’t a couple of mins earlier as @Bewilkins22 was there and I could of practised my sequencing, thanks for the service.

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Now Closed.

Now open at SCEL, active runways to the north of the airfield departures 17L and arrivals 17R if possible please.

Pattern works 17L and 17R


Now closed.

Now open at LIMC Milan Malpensa Airport

Please use runways 35L/35R for departures and arrivals/pattern works accepted

Thanks :)

@Sean_Mitchell Thank you for stopping by :)

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No worries, nice work everything was good!

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Now closed.

Almost everything was good but I have a few slight changes. I am not 100 percent sure about this but when you changed me to 35L, one it was not necessary as a wind speed of 3 knots would be fine as a tailwind, and two the go around I do not think the go around was the right command, you could have just told me to enter left downwind for 35L.
Overall everything was executed very nicely

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@Plnelovr, Yeah maybe the change wasn’t applicable, the only reason I did that was I wanted to use runways 35L/R sorry if that was an inconvience to you. The go around was incorrect and I knew that straight after I gave the command. It should of been downwind yes, thanks for correcting me there. Also sorry as well for quitting control I had to leave. Thank you for the feedback and your time to fly for me :)

No problem, it really was excellent controlling everywhere else

Thank you :)

Now open T&G at KPDX,

Active runways 28R & 28L for all traffic please.

Thanks in advance.

Now closed.

Open at LEPA G&T

Runways in use 06R/L for departures/arrivals and pattern works :)

Thanks in advance

N561jv stopping by

Virgin 143 stopping by :)

TC489A stopping by 🙂

yeah lets not talk about my landing :)) other than that brilliant

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