Matt93’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi everyone,

I enjoy controlling on Infinite Flight but I would like to receive feedback good and bad that I can use to further improve my skills whilst operating ATC. I’m not IFATC. In saying that I would go for the opportunity if I was able to do so in the future.

This time around I will be controlling LEPA (Palma De Mallorca) airport on the training server. It’s one best airports I enjoy controlling on TS.

I will be open at ICAO: LEPA if you wish to join me from EST 22:00 (10:00pm). That’s the earliest I can open at that airport tonight. I will remain open as long as there is traffic.

Thanks for reading and I hope you can join me being tonight or at another time.

Please any moderators reading this, please correct any errors I may have made.




Just to add runway 24R will be departing traffic and 24L will be arriving traffic. Patterns are open to both runways. No restrictions. Pattern work is of course accepted. I will be opening LEPA in around 1 hour.



Hi all,

I am now controlling at LEPA. Come and join me!


Hey Matt. I think you’re starting to know more about ATC. Check the ATC videos on youtube, it help you a lot surely.

  • Check metar to choose which runways use. Wind coming from 070, so runways 06’s are better.

  • No need pattern instruccion after takeoff. You cleared me “24L, left traffic”. That mean I’m doing patterns on left side of runway. Only sequence (if needed) and then clearance.

  • When you cleared on same runway, don’t say “after the option, make left traffic”. I’m already in left side. Only cleared for the option.

  • Good pattern instruccion when change me to 24R, good clearance and good new pattern direction.

  • If aircraft is below 60kts. on runway, tell “exit runway” comand.

Continue practicing. See you soon.

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Hi Matt,

The only feedback I have is the same as @DaniCP. Clearances and runway changes were good. Just the pattern entries when remaining on the same runway not required and wasn’t given a exit runway command.
Nice work,

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Hi DaniCP,

Thank you for flying tonight at LEPA. Thank you for the feedback. I have seen Tyler’s video’s but I will go over them again for sure. I appreciate the time you have taken to write the feedback to me and I will use it to improve on tower.

Hope to see you soon,



Hi all,

Thanks to everyone that flew from LEPA tonight. I’ll open at another airport shortly. I’ll post info on this thread very soon.

Thanks and goodnight,


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Hi Sean_Mitchell,

Thank you for your pattern work at LEPA tonight. I appreciate the feedback. I will improve on the pattern instructions whilst aircraft are remaining in the pattern. I will be watching the videos on ATC again especially the tower as a refresher for me. Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. Hope to see you soon.


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I’m currently controlling ICAO: EGPD (Aberdeen) airport. If anyone fancies flying from Aberdeen feel free! Pattern work welcome.

Runway’s in operation for departing and arriving aircraft 16 and 14.

Ground and tower frequencies operational.


My apologies to the aircraft at EGPD. One or two commands there were wrong. Thanks for the patterns none the less. Please feel free to provide feedback on my ATC.


Control for EGPD is now closed.

N739EC Thank you for the patterns and like I said I am sorry and please excuse me for making these mistakes.

Hi, I was with the callsign N739EC. Sorry couldn’t stay for long, however, you did quite good there :)

Here are a few of my observations:

  • Ground commands were good.

  • Runway changes were up to the mark, however, it may be advisable to keep an aircraft to a particular runway unless requested otherwise by the pilot, or, if there is increasing traffic for that runway, where an aircraft in pattern may cause delays to the inbound/outbound traffic.

  • The go around at the end of the session wasn’t necessary :)

Hope this was helpful,

Hi Jet_Airways_995,

Very good feedback, Thanks.

I still need to brush up on my pattern entries and clearances but I’ll improve. I know the go around, I’ll tell you the reason why I requested that was runway 14 is a lot shorter than runway 16, so I thought you wouldn’t have enough of a stopping distance for touch and go. Sorry a bad judgement on my side there. One last thing as well, on the last pattern I cleared you for the option and I didn’t give you a left or right traffic heading after the touch and go again, I’m sorry. Always here to learn :)

Hi all,

I’m currently active at LFBO on TS. Please if you have time feel free to stop by to fly some patterns or to depart to another airport.

Runways currently in use for departures/arrivals and pattern work are: 32L & 32R.

Feedback on my performance is greatly appreciated.


remember, sequence FIRST, then clear (the clearance includes a number, #2 clear to land… #2 behind who?). if doing a runway change at the same time, its quite useful to combine the sequence with it ( that’s why its there!). Just in general be a little more proactive with those sequences.

For the air france guy who called inbound at like FL210 I’d just give a descend to pattern altitude (its under pattern instructions), and maybe a continue inbound if he acts confused about it (that still happens on expert unfortunately) and get back to him once hes at a reasonable altitude (around 10,000ft) .

Hi all,

LFBO is now closed. Thanks to all that attended.

Hi Phoenix591,

Right okay. I’ll take note of that. It’s not very often I have two aircraft who want to remain in the pattern at the same time. Very good practice. Yeah I noticed he was flying too high still to be inbound for landing. I’ll use that command in future.

Thanks for stopping by.


A few notes from ITU93

  • You told me to LUAW RW32L and left me sitting on the RW for a whole minute.
    You could have instructed to T/O directly as there was no other plane in the area. Only one on final RW32R and better not to make planes wait for too long and for nothing

<<cleared for T/O make left traffic>>

  • You cleared me for the option to land RW32L and instructed me to enter left downwind
    Don’t give those instruction for people in the pattern. Use them for people entering the pattern. Trust the pilots to fly.

<<T&G, Entered left crosswind>>

  • You cleared for the option to use RW32R Which is the opposite side.
    I requested RW change which you approved.

<<Another plane T&G on RW32R>>
You told them to enter left downwind RW32L which forced them over the RW14R.
Should have stuck to right traffic RW32R

And your sequence was off. I was the only one inbound and you put me number 2, then the other plane number 2

Hi Ummers93,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.

Line up and wait runway 32L. I did this due to the plane coming in for touch and go on runway 32R. When I cleared him for the option for 32R I told him to make left traffic and the touch and go, which forgive me on this but would have cut you up when you would have took off 32L and made left traffic yourself. I apologise for making you wait but I saw it as a safety measure and the appropriate thing to do at that time. Also believe it or not I can make an aircraft wait on the runway for up to 60 seconds before clearance. I apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Okay for the pattern entry instruction, no offence to you and thanks for the challenge. You requested a runway change twice. I had another aircraft remaining in the pattern at the same time as you. I wanted you to land on the same runway that the other aircraft was approaching which was 32L. You requested a runway change from 32L to 32R. Okay… I then gave you a new pattern entry which is the correct procedure to enter left downwind 32R and then cleared you for the option to touch and go on 32R. I can appreciate you may want to change runway but for the controller to control planes safely and for everyone to fly correctly, please stick to one runway unless advised by me for whatever the reason for the change.

Finally I gave the other aircraft remaining in the pattern a new pattern entry instruction was again due to you requesting a runway change from 32R to 32L. This resulted in me requesting him to make left traffic instead of right traffic like originally planned to follow you for his touch and go. When pilots request these such changes it can cause an issue which I have stated. It’s best to leave it up to the controller to make the changes when there is more than one aircraft that is remaining in the pattern at that time.

Thanks for stopping by.

I have taken note of sequences feedback and I’ll work on that.

Thank you.


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