Matt777’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] (PASSED!)

Practicing for IFATC and beyond. Thank you all for helping me get there! Please come on by!

Location : KDAL
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Remarks: None
Server: Training
Status: OPEN


You did great (I was N80991). Just 2 quick (minor) things. It’s more personal preference than anything, but if you wanted to, you could clear me for the option right when my wheels leave the ground, just to get it out of the way. With the other American 787, you don’t need to wait for him to leave your airspace in order to clear him for frequency change, you can clear him immediately after takeoff since he is departing your airspace. Other than that, too bad there weren’t any other aircraft so you could practice sequencing, but next time you do one of these, send me a message, I’d love to come on down again.


Be there shortly!
Edit: I’m in my Delta A321!

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Thanks for the feedback. I was just saying that in my head that there wasn’t another aircraft to practice sequencing that would have been awesome. Will definitely message you next time

I apologize my game crashed. I’m back though

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Hahaha no worries–my parents suddenly needed a help when your game crashed–call it perfect timing lol. I’ll PM you on how you did! ;)

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Appreciate it

Good job out there today! Will give you feedback via slack.

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Thanks for coming man!

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Open! Come on by!

Well I was coming but then you closed but you handled my pushback well😄🤣

Open! Stop by

Be there shortly! Just needa finish the last 2 questions of my chemistry assignment :D
I’ll try to be there by 1020hrs EST

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I will pop by in 2 min

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Still open! Come on by guys

Sorry I have to cut it off right there–my parents suddenly needed my help.
Anyways, I’m so sorry have nothing to say since I could only do a loop…


No worries man. Thanks for coming by anyway

Hey sorry for the horrible flight I just did…not that good with a-10.
Few things to point out

  • you did great with the ground instructions
  • you know to sequence and clear
  • when giving transition,I thought it was too high you should generally give airport altitude + the pattern altitude +500 (can vary)
  • when I called runway change for 05L,you told me to enter right base…i was only on right downwind then
  • you were quite slow in giving pattern instructions
    But overall a little more practice and you could be up to the IFATC standard

Still open?

Thank you for the feedback. I gave you a 3000ft altitude transition. RCTP is SFC → 2600ft. So how is 3000ft to high?