Matt777 ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)


Hey. I was E438. Your skills are good, but you need a little more practice. Two points to considerer:

  • When you cleared me for takeoff “make left traffic”, I’ll fly to the left pattern, so you don’t need to give me a new pattern instruccion “enter left downwind 17L”. I was already in the left pattern. Only sequence (if needed) then clearance it’s ok.

  • Be careful if there is an airplane on runway and another in short final. I had to tell you “go around”. Another airplane also says on 17R. You have to be the one who ordered that.

See you soon :)

  1. You kept giving me a pattern entry even though I was remaining in the left pattern.
  2. Work on your sequencing.

Everyone gets:

  1. Pattern entry on inbounds and new runway changes.
  2. Sequence
  3. Clearance.

You almost had me collide with corporate 187, you should have sequenced both of us. Ie: corporate enter straight in behind the traffic on left downwind or n561nj number 2 behind the traffic on final. The extend upwind command was already too late.


Thank you I’m still in training with you guys. Thanks for coming by


Open stop by


Still open


Which airfield?


VTBS. Its at the top of the thread


Ok. It’s better if you can edit your main thread to (OPEN@VTBS), for example…


Thank you.


Good job.
When I request change, you must be doing a pattern instruccion (enter right or left-downwind or base), not “turn base”.
You sequence me good, but not at the right pattern. We are on left pattern of 19L. You told me “traffic to follow is on right downwind”, But we were really on the left.

Btw was a good job.
See you next tine. Cheers - E438


I’ll come by
Coporate 187


You there?


Great timing to practice flying the updated A333!
Coming by in N256E

Hold on: are you there…?


No I fell asleep waiting on people lol. I’m open now though for awhile


Hey so sorry I could only stay for two patterns but here is some advice.

When I landed I was not told to exit the runway.

I didn’t get any downwinds or base I had to remind you. Other than that you were good thanks!


You said remaining in the pattern before you lagged out on my screen the entire time until you landed. I figured you quit until you showed back up on screen landing lol. My bad


Open @ EDDL


Stopping by now!


Coming by for some pattern work.


PM me your thoughts when you’re done please