Matt777 ATC Tracking Thread (Closed)


Yes I am…


Coming. Callsign will be AAV2549


Still open? I’ll hop back in if you’re gonna stay for a bit 😉


I’m going to close in 13mins


Who cares, I’m still jumping in anyways 😂


Swing on by


Im coming on by my callsign is VH-HOSS


Would you like feedback on here or via PM


Nice that moment your phone falls out of you’re hands. I had fun I just came by to learn. You sound like you know what your doing.


PM please. Thanks for coming


My impression coming by via PM! Thanks for ATC-ing! I also had fun practicing small crosswind landings ;)


Thank you guys for stopping by. Really appreciate it. All feedback is welcome


Open! At KAUS


Nothing much that I can comment on. Good job!

I was the F-16 callsign N-TEXAS


I’ll come over


You sound good.

  • I couldn’t slow down anymore, with command “use slowest practical speed” while I was at short final or I would have fallen out of the sky. I saw that there was still traffic on the rwy so I went ahead for a go around. You can tell me go around. No problem.
  • you did good with command “give way to aircraft…”. While that IFATC guy was exiting runway.


I noticed thanks man


No worries. Thanks for coming by


Hey ! I’m with you rn controlling approach & departure. Next time pls do not clear users like Air Canada 111 to land when they are 10nm away while at 7,000ft & going 250+ kts. He was not following descent procedures because he didn’t want to hold and loose altitude since he was too high.


Want to apologize for some of the grade 2s that weren’t really listening to my instructions & got in you guys way. Nothing I can do about them not listening