Matt777 ATC Tracking Thread (CLOSED @ KATL)

This is my tracking thread,I am an ATC enthusiast looking to become serious & join IFATC in the future. I’m working on improving my ATC skill. So any feedback would be appreciated.

Name- IFC Matt777
Server- Training Server
Status- Open
Landing & Departing are RWY 23L

Still open?

Yes still open

ATC Closed.

I was there I was air New Zealand 950 remember me

777-300er right?

yep ! that’s me

Hopefully I did alright for you. Airport wasn’t busy at all

Tower & Ground
Server- Training Server
Status- Open until 7:30pm est
Landing RWY 08L, 09R, 10, 09L, 08R
Departure RWY 08R, 09L

Still open!

I’m coming. C-ALFA

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Much Appreciated

I am N561JV

Lots to say so I will keep it efficient as I can:

  1. Choose a smaller airport. You need to practice skills with fewer planes and less newbies.
  2. Prop planes can’t push back so don’t tell them to push back when they ask doe taxi instruction.
  3. Dont keep the pilots guessing. You should clear to land when I was turning downwind not before I am ready to turn base.
  4. Don’t over control. I cannot figure out why you switched me from 9R to 10 and back to 9R. When you switched me you gave me a pattern to enter (enter right downwind runway 10) which was good. But then you told me to enter right base. Then you cleared me to land when you should have cleared me for the option. You did that again after you switched me to 9R. It’s fine to change runways but after you change pattern and clear to land you need to include the instruction “clear to land for the option, after the option make right/left traffic” You only need to give a pattern entry once (on takeoff) and clear to land/option once unless you have to change things or resequence.
  5. Watch for landing exit instructions. I gave you a courtesy heads up that I was landing. When I slowed down to <60 it’s, I should have been given an exit runway instruction.
  6. You were asking world heavy to change frequency to tower when he was miles and miles away likely controlled by approach. He was not even in your airspace yet.

Watch the atc videos again. Keep practicing.

  1. Didn’t see you as a prop plane when you first spawned in at a terminal gate.
  2. World Heavy was 21nm in my airspace. Not “miles & miles away” & there was no approach or departure at that time
  3. If you saw I wasn’t giving you pattern instructions because I was busy controlling multiple other aircraft on the ground & requesting takeoff. Then you should have reported your position to tower. I put you on 10 due to traffic, then switched you back to 09R when traffic died down.

I’m not perfect still learning. I make mistakes. If you have any further comments pm me

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