Matt737 IFATC Training (Closed)

I’m training to become an IFATC controller! I’ll post where I’m open, for how long, and what frequencies I have open.


Open until 1310Z

Come fly! Test my skills! Help me prepare to become an IFATC controller!


stopping by, ill fly patterns and an inbound from another airport

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Awesome! Thank you! I’ll stay open for another 10 minutes or so.

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flying inbound from a near aiport, ill see how you enter me in the pattern, and then T and G’s for a while

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Hi Matt :)

Check out these tutorials below if you haven’t already (watch all the videos)

After watching them, contact @Hezz or another trainer mentioned on our official training thread.

Good luck and hope to see you soon!


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Thanks Sam! I’ll watch them again later today.

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I’ll PM you feedback if you’d like. Just let me know :)

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Yes please, anything helps.

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overall, great controlling.
I fell like you will nail the written and practical will be the tough one for you.
~phenomenal sequencing
~good job entering me in the pattern
kept the pattern flowing like clockwork
~exit instructions

~no need to give an entry instruction (enter left downwind) to an aircraft in the pattern, its a given, they go crosswind, downwind, base, final

watch this video for getting that final info you need for the practical.
Good job and hope to see you on expert soon :)

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Thank you for the feedback!

I have one question however. Say at an airport like IAH (one that you and I are familiar with), on 26L/8R, should pattern work be allowed if there are aircraft flying patterns on the parallel runways (27/9, 26R/8L)? Pattern work on 26L/8R would interfere with other patterns, so I’m not too sure.

Okay, nice feedback provided… however, please don’t take this into account like you are doing these things correctly. (Referring to the feedback from @Sammy_Droubi)

I’ll message you more :)

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I normally only keep one or 2 parallel runways open for touch and goes, youd have to ask an IFATC member for that.

No it was not good handling. In fact the oppposite. What he did was overcontrol.

I suggest you stop providing feedback until you gain more experience and knowledge about controlling.

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I was a bit slow in delivering the commands, and I gave too many of them.

That’s what we call over-controlling. I’ll explain more via Pm, so we don’t clog your thread :)


1 It was one piece of bad info.
2. How should he have handled the situation? (learning experience for both of us) :D


Key to the answer is trust your pilots more. Sequence and clear then let it unfold. Reduce using speed commands for patternwork spacing and don’t use commands like “I’ll call your base” “turn base” “extend DW” for general spacing in the pattern. Utilise those commands when trying to depart aircraft inbetween arrivals etc.

Trusting the pilot will work. (Gathered they know what there doing) if they don’t follow there sequence and it gets too close on final then send them around.

So what you should of done was let me be. I was maintaining safe distance for separation and managing my speed well while maintaining patternwork altitude. Sequence and clear :)

Pilots responsibility to follow the sequence you have given.


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