MatsVerhoelst's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

I was on the wrong runway? I’m very very very sorry- I honestly wasn’t paying attention and that is 100% the right thing. 🤣

That’s a good point with G-VEDJ: I also just passed my written test, so I didn’t think of all the factors.

Great job! Feel free to join me at my sessions:

Yes LMAO you were on 25R instead of 19, but its no biggie, hope to see you as an IFATC controller soon aswell!

Oof. Those intersecting runways… 🫢🫢🫢🫢

How do you get the emergency fuel notification message? I am on low fuel about 6 mins left

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Haha, I had to look twice when I took off too. It is indeed very confusing.

Belgium is too XD

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I was looking multiple times and I think I was on 19 but then I moved onto the wrong one.

Nice to see you control EBBR airport, it’s a great place! Sadly I can’t be there. Good luck!

Was there 2 hours ago aswell haha, nice to see you appreciate it aswell

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Your choice might put my home airport more on the map in IF. We have several Belgian ATC controllers, it’s great to see.

I am on 2 mins fuel but for some reason I can’t announce it in IF on the ATC. I’ll be landing now

Isn’t it under misc. ?

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Nope not for me

Then idk, I would think it would be under misc.

I ran out of fuel mid downwind 💀

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Ye, I saw …

If only we had maydays… imagine we had voice chat you would hear me screaming lol

Would be a good thing, and a bad thing. Can’t imagine listening to the screaming kids, ouch

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Feedback OK-LOL

  • Transition was correct at 3000ft
  • No pattern entry when I called inbound for touch and goes. Just clearance as number 1. All inbounds require a pattern entry.

  • When I requested the runway change, I received no pattern entry. All runway changes require a new pattern entry.

  • No sequence when I requested my runway change to 19, to follow the aircraft on final. Just clearance as number 1.

Thanks for the service, keep it up!

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Make sure to use use pattern instructions when I request a runway change!