MatsVerhoelst's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello everyone!

I have failed my practical exam and just need to smoothe out the wrinkles,

“For someone who didn’t have training, very well. Usually folks perform much worse so that was a pleasant surprise.”

So I’m almost there. I have reflected on my mistakes and I would like to practice them!

If you are free today between 2024-04-08T11:00:00Z2024-04-08T14:00:00Z. Feel free to reply to this thread if you’re coming or lick cming/interrested at the event button down below.

I will be controlling ground + tower at EDDB on the training server.

I will (hopefully) see you then :)


and failed the practical :(


I’ll try to be there to assist you. Good luck in your IFATC journey

Thank you!

I will join for some pattern work. Give a ping when you start :)

@AviatorVJ @Syjalo @Nawf @TaipeiGuru
I have just opened! Feel free to join if you want.

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On my way. Should I do pattern work?

I will drop in for a bit!

A bit of everything , make sure you evaluate my mistakes (I will probably make some :) )

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Try do drag and taxi when I request to taxi

Joining now.

I was told on my tracking thread that it’s actually best to use normal taxi to practice giving give way’s, etc. It is very fun though! 😉

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Ayyy I see you. I am G-VEDJ

Don’t forget to check out this guide: A Guide To Creating An ATC Tracking Thread!

It helps your thread stand out with the important information listed in the title on the IFC. I started my own ATC Tracking Thread recently and this guide really helped me getting the thread started!

Brussels Airport doesn’t have drag taxi (or at least it didn’t work when I tried it a second ago :)

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I’lll do that next time :)

I’m currently controlling so i’m typing between the commands :)

No worries, a good thing with IFC is that you can always edit your threads at any time!

Oof so sorry about that altitude- Don’t type and fly! Rejoining.

Sorry, I have to go! Here is some feedback:

  1. No need for LUAW- G-VEDJ was rolling
  2. Why did you cancel my clearance? It was too late to cancel clearance- I was rotating.

Awesome job overall!

You were on the wrong runway, so I canceled your clearance. Was I meant to do something else?

I wasn’t sure if G-VEDJ was going to do a rolling takeoff, they could have stopped on the runway for a moment (I didn’t ask for immediate takeoff).

correct me if I’m wrong :)

@Simon_Prugger How did you get the emergency fuel message. I am on 10 mins fuel and no emergency fuel message