Maths formula plug-in request for the IFC

Hey. This is an IFC forum feature request, not a request for Infinite Flight.

I’ve found that when explaining concepts on the forum like groundspeed, conversions to feet/NM, weight and balance calculations, and even simple aviation rules of thumb which require mathematics, it becomes a little limited by the formatting.

I know there are maths plugins for Discourse, like Discourse Math Editor which use LaTeX, or Discourse Math Plugin which uses MathJax, and I feel that implementing something like that on the forum would make it just a little easier for reading concepts like:

Pivotal Altitude = (Groundspeed)^2 / 11.3

which could read as:


if we had the maths formula plugin.

Fun fact: the above formula is what you use to calculate your altitude for 8s-on-pylons, which is a commercial pilot checkride maneuver.

Let me know if this is possible! It would make tutorials easier too. What do you think?

Have a great day :)


Thanks for sharing Captain. 🙂


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