Mathottoman’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello my name is Kol / Mathieu
I really want to become an IFATC to extend my ATC knowledge and to discover new horizons in this game. I will post here my openings. Be sure to come and to give me detailed feedbacks. I would love to improve via your feedbacks. Thanks for joining me on this adventure

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I’m opening now Toulouse Blagnac for 20 minutes

Can some pilots join please ? I just need 2-3 aircrafts for some patterns !
Thank you for your help :)

Toulouse closed. Unfortunately i opened very late and i got 0 pilots which is normal. I hope to have more pilots tomorrow; See you !!!

Don’t give up! They will come! 😊

LFLL ( LYON) open!

Thanks for your comment ! Dont worry im not giving up :)

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Im sorry i had a problem with live server, im still trying to control LFLL.

I am sorry, had connection issues, I put NORDOS

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I had connection issues too, im restarted infinite flight, but i cant select the frequencies since im ‘’ already ‘’ controlling ! that is so sad, you were m y first pilot :'(

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Im back controlling !

Sorry now I have online classes

See you in the Skies

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LFLL Closed. Thank you @BinaryChess for coming… I hope to have a few more pilots next time ! :)

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Opening Toulouse LFBO right now!! Be sure to come to make some patterns :) Thanks in advance for your contribution

LFBO closed! Thanks @TaipeiGuru for coming. I was so happy to finally have a pilot! Im looking forward to see your feedbacks

No problem! Would you like your feedback here, or in a PM?

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Here please because im having some issues ( PM )

Hi, Kol!

Thanks for opening today. I’ve got some feedback for you, which I’ve listed below:

  • The transition altitude was too high. You can find the transition altitude by taking the airport elevation and adding 2500. So, since 499 + 2500 is 2999, 3000 would have been a perfect transition. Note that if the sum is not a multiple of 500, you may round up to the nearest multiple of 500.

  • When someone is remaining in the pattern, you don’t need to give them a pattern entry. Just sequence (if applicable), and then clear them. :)

  • I’m a little confused as to why you had me alternate between left and right traffic. It’s a lot simpler to have them make one direction (only right or only left).

  • A clearance for the option includes a touch-and-go, stop-and-go, low flyby or full stop landing. Therefore, when I reported full stop, all you needed to say was “roger,” since I was already cleared for the option. There was no need to clear me for landing.

You show a lot of potential! Keep opening your tracking thread, work on this feedback and I’ll see you at another session soon. Looking forward to next time!

Thank you so much! I’m so happy! @TaipeiGuru
First of all, i didn’t knew anything about the transition altitude I’m really sorry about that and very thankful for your tips!

Second of all, when you are taking off i dont need to tell you ‘’ enter right/left downwind ‘’?

And yeah, i alternated you to just improve my skills with right and left entry I’m really sorry. I just needed to do that to have more self confidence when controlling!

And last but not least, I’ve noticed that way too late! I thought ( before ) that full stop meant : I’m on final do not let any planes enter runway which wasn’t the case… so after knowing that full stop means that you were landing for real i cleared you to land

THANKS again! I’m re opening maybe tonight i hope to see more and more planes to train myself on sequencing

Nope. If aircraft request takeoff clearance and are remaining in the pattern, you’re giving them the pattern entry when you say “make ___ traffic.” In our case, I was inbound for patterns, so my pattern entry was when you said “cleared for the option, make right traffic.”

Thanks again for opening!