Mathias Rust Cessna 172 D-ECJB.

On May 28 1987, Mathias Rust, an 18 year old pilot with 50 flight hours, landed at the Red Square in Moscow with this rented Cessna F172P Skyhawk.
Fifteen days earlier, Rust had departed from Uetersen, Germany, towards Iceland, stopping first at the Faroe Islands.
On his way back, he went from Iceland to Bergen, and then to Helsinki, for refuelling at Helsinli-Malmi International Airport. After telling the ATC that his final destination was Stockholm, he turned his aircraft to the East, towards Russia.
Rust flew over Estonia, and then headed towards Moscow, appearing on the radars of the Soviet Air Defense System soon after. He was assigned the combat number 8255 after not responding to an Indentification Friend or Foe signal. Two interceptors were sent to investigate, siting that the aircraft resembled a Yakovlev Yak 12, they requested permission to engage it, but it was denied.
Both interceptors lost contact with the aircraft after that. When those two were directed again towards the aircraft, it disappeared from the radars near the Russian town of Staraya Russa.
Hours later, Rust appeared over Moscow. He first intended to land inside the Kremlin, but changed his mind and decided to land in the Red Square. After landing, he was greeted by the bystanders.
Mathias Rust was arrested two hours later, and on September 2 1987, was sentenced to spend four years in a labour camp.


Was this a protest or what did it mean?

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He said he wanted to reduce tensions between West and East.

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