Matevz_Treven's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @N/A


This is my ATC Tracking Thread everybody is welcome to come for patterns :)

Hey come for some patterns if you want! :)

Opened now!

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Hey Matevz! :) (Just in case, I was TC-JON.)

Great controlling! No issues other than one minor thing: You forgot to give me new traffic direction after I called inbound and you gave me a pattern entry and clearance for the option. I assumed left traffic and went with it. :) All other instructions were excellent.

There were other aircraft who weren’t quite listening to your instructions, so it wasn’t a smooth session - easy to miss simple stuff. Regardless, you did great!

Good luck!

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Thank you for your feed back and coming!

Yeah there were a few aircraft who didnt want to listen but i got used to it lol :)

Anyways thanks!

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Hey im now open at EGCC if you would like stop by :)

I will stop by :)

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Alright great!

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Very good controlling there! I also purposely missed the right exit to see what you would do for back taxiing and you did great!

One small thing. After my transition, you cleared me for the option 23L, but didn’t give me a traffic direction for me to follow after the option.
Hope to see you in IFATC soon!
And also I recommend you never open an airport on TS thats close to EGLL, KLAX etc as you will get all those noobs such as the American 112 guy :D
Happy controlling!

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Haha, yeah thank you for coming and for your feedback! Have a nice day!

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