Mateo_CD’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

MPTO Now closed

Going to study the Manual for written.

MMMX Is now open

@Adii @ThomasR @MJP_27 @mike116119, or any other pilot, can you come?

yes coming now give me 10 mins im just finishing my tracking htread

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I’m actually in a flight sorry.

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Wind update: 330@5kts

Cant right now, sorry bro. I’m flying

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  • good ground clearances
  • you dealt well with the multiple runway changes that i sent you
  • you had sequenced me well and you gave me the right pattern
  • you gave the right landing clearance dependant on which runway i wanted to use

i think you did pretty well i cant seem to spot any obvious errors, mainly because im training too haha. but i think your ready for your test. but the thing is this, its easy with 2-3 aircraft but you have 4,5 or 6 aircraft in you pattern thats when it starts getting tricky

try and get a training session in with a IF trainer

also dont use this aiport its terrain is hideous i couldnt even stay at pattern altitude

sorry i had to leave quick, got school tommorow :)

MMMX Now closed

Thanks all who joined. I’ll not be able in the weekend due to written exam

Tell me if you pass :) as I failed :(.

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I just read the manual like 5 times. So I’m feeling comfortable. Thank you for wishing me luck BTW

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Your welcome as I need luck too on my written exam in December.

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Good luck on your written exam.

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Thanks for the service, you did pretty well with pattern management! I was G-TJRA in the A318.

  • You showed good ground awareness and management of the conflict between me and G-ADDI

  • Pattern management was well done throughout. Great pattern entries for the runway changes, sequencing and clearances! No issues spotted with anything. The sequence would’ve been enough for G-ADDI at 21:01:34 imo instead of the extend downwind as you’ve already told them to follow me

  • Exit seemed to be well timed

  • Good awareness with the hold short for my crossing when Lot 0205 was taking off from 05L

Great job with both of us! Hopefully you can try and expand with a few more planes within the pattern. Best of luck for the written test! Hopefully see you in IFATC soon.

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Thanks all mates. I’m gonna keep closed because tomorrow im gonna real the manual mutiple times, so in Sartuday I can apply it :)

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Guys, By 1 mistake I failed. Just 1… :(

Edit: If I had another one correct, I would pass, but is not the case


what mistake ?

I’ll PM you

So, I’ll open my Thread some day until I have written again


Where my event will take place.

Can 5 people come please?

@Errigal @MJP_27 @ThomasR @PilotA320 @Jason102, are you all available?

No sadly not right now. Very busy

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