Mateo_CD’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Can I come?

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Yes you can

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Can 2 more people come? Im accepting inbounds and patterns

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On my way to you


Got some mistakes here :)

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@PilotA320, please follow instructions…

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closing in 25 minutes

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Feedback N3PD:

  • patterns were good a few minor issues when i took off from 27R i should have been given a R downwind and not a left i see what you were doing and you did great from causing a conflict with departing A/C

  • unnecessary check RWY assignment as i was turning final to my RWY

- Great job at the use of the extend upwind and remember as far as separation from plane to plane is the pilots responsibility 
  • the delta 007 that called inboud i would have given him a Right downwind to 27R instead of cutting through the other glide slopes

Overall you did good no major issues

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@JetSuperior5192 why did you say please follow instructions?

I instructed to go left downwind and you went to Right downwind. Causing a inminent bank turn of the departing aircraft at that moment. I told you to do that to avoid a conflict

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Oh my bad.

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Closing in 15…

ATC Feedback: American 50 was me.
You explained the error I made of downwinds.

. Extend upwind was unnecessary because there were no aircraft next to me.

. Number one runway 26L was unnecessary also I didn’t ask for a runway change at the start.

. Downwind was wrong in sequence but as you said above I wasn’t following instructions on accident.

. No traffic alert when airborne aircraft was right next to me.

. Correction stand by was good but duplicate landing message.

. Runway incursion when I was taxing to the runway at the end I went over the holding short line you should have said ‘’ Not cleared on runway please exit the runway’’.

. Back- taxi was good.

. Go-around was good.

. Exit runway command was good but try to aim for 70kts.

That’s all from me today overall it was a good session just correct these mistakes thanks @PilotA320.

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And ATL Approach is ruining the day!!!

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Sorry about that.

KATL IS Closed

Thanks all mates.

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I just came over, and you closed ?

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Just some settings until I open again :)

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I’ll be doing patterns until you join

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