Mateo_CD’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Thanks all mates. I’m gonna keep closed because tomorrow im gonna real the manual mutiple times, so in Sartuday I can apply it :)

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Guys, By 1 mistake I failed. Just 1… :(

Edit: If I had another one correct, I would pass, but is not the case


what mistake ?

I’ll PM you

So, I’ll open my Thread some day until I have written again


Where my event will take place.

Can 5 people come please?

@Errigal @MJP_27 @ThomasR @PilotA320 @Jason102, are you all available?

No sadly not right now. Very busy

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After my ATC practice test will try to come.

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Unfortunately I can’t do the practice test it won’t let me and I just figured out I have homework so I better get to it sorry.

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Swinging by in a few

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RIP Jason.

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Closing in 3 minutes…

Closed MMMX

I have some activities right now

You didn’t see that

I saw that you crashed and “died”

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As far as feedback you did great i would like to see more pilots attend if you open again ill see if i can get a few people

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Thanks mate :)

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Open at KATL

Come to do some patterns and inbound. Don’t test me of Wrong Runway or something like that

I will be there! Although I don’t really know what kind of feedback to give


Sorry, I didn’t had the airplane count to high