Mateo_CD’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello everyone. I decided to put my ATC Tracking thread to train and be a better controller. Officially I started my Trip to IFATC, so I would like to train for the win lol.

Frequencies: Ground & Tower
Duration: N/A
Runways in use: N/A

Airport Notes

I’ve Passed the written exam and going to the practical :)

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Mexico City MMMX Is Now OPEN

Ground and Tower on Training server

MMMX Closing in 5 mins

Hola, I was XA-EFW and here is my feedback.

-You could assigned me runway 05R for T/O, I usually don’t care about realism when pilots are doing pattern work in MMMX, also sometimes AM departs from 05R.
-Enough time to clear Nasa for T/O
-Good exit command

Definitely a nice ATC session, solid controlling, keep up the good work!

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Appreciate your feedback @Enrique_Fernandez, a new session can get you more better :)

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MMMX Is now closed

If you want to send me a feedback, do it. You can make me better :) Thanks all who joined

I might join next time you control if I can

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Session duration: 30 min. Pattern work allowed. Caution of low visiblility

MMMD Is now closed.

New airport opening soon.

SCEL Ground and Tower is open

Runways: 17B. Wind 180/13. Accepting pattern work and inbounds :)
No light aircraft accepted

I’ll come by.

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@JetSuperior5192 TBM is not a light aircraft.

I´ll give you only one chance, Because is a light aircraft. Next time check the airport notes. Don´t wanna be reported on Expert @nicopizarro :)

Please see section 4.1.6 on the ATC manual, which says:
“For the purposes of IF, ‘light’ aircraft are defined as the C172, SR22, XCub, Spitfire Mk VIII and P38.”


I checked and you´re right. I´m sorry @nicopizarro :)

why no light aircraft for pattern work ?


A little of strong crosswinds and the elevation. Last METAR: 200/13KT

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20 Minutes until closure

@nicopizarro send me a feedback when on ground :)

Will give feedback in an hour or so.

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10 min until closure