Mateo_CD’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [closed until written]


Send me feedbacks when ready

ATC Feedback lets get started I was Delta 323.
1.Pushback command was good.
2.Taxi command was good.
3.You can clear aircraft anywhere in the pattern.
4.Didn’t say enter left downwind when on crosswind.
5.Extend downwind was unnecessary as of what @nicopizarro said below.
6.Not sequencing both aircraft in a pattern.
7.Said enter right downwind when we are making left turns.
8.After full stop make sure to clear them to land.
9.Go-around was good.
10.Transition should have been 4,000 feet add airport elevation by AGL- 1555+2500=4055 round that up to the nearest 500 hundred.
11.runway change was good.
Hope this helped you good luck on your ATC journey.

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SCEL Feedback (CC-NPR):

  • Ground conflict with Delta 323 – On the ground as well as in the air, you are expected to have full awareness of aircrafts under your control. If you gave Delta 323 permission to taxi, then you should have gave me a hold position or gave him a give way if you’re letting me start taxiing.
  • Issue with “light aircrafts” understanding – Not because an aircraft is small, it means it’s light. Check the ATC manual (section 4.1.6) for further information on light aircrafts.
  • No sequence for Delta 323, only clearance.
  • Wrong clearance to Delta 323 – You only have to specify traffic direction on inbounds or runway changes. Also, I would highly recommend keeping left and right runways on separate sides.
  • Unnecessary “extend downwind” for Delta 323 – Aircrafts are responsible for keeping separation during pattern work, if you see a highly potential conflict, go for it.
  • No sequence for CC-NPR.
  • Unnecessary pattern entry for Delta 323 (corrected).
  • Late exit runway (26 knots) – Remember to keep 70-60 its for airliners and 40-30 for General Aviation.

Overall, not a bad session but would highly recommend to take another read to the ATC manual. Don’t wanna fail your IFATC test @Mateo_CD ;)

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Thanks all for the feedback. @nicopizarro I don’t have intentions to do the IFATC yet. But maybe soon, If I have enough time. ;)

At the moment I keep training, on TS obviously

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Hello, tomorrow I’ll open SACO. I’ll let you know when is open.

Edit: Next week I’ll start my journey to IFATC

Opening: YSSY

PLS Come in

Please come in, Any free @IFATC Member a least.

@nicopizarro @PilotA320 @Enrique_Fernandez or someone please. I would llike to get much better :)

Sorry for tag

I’ll stop by!

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Ok, thanks

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20 minutes until closure!!!

5 minutes

On my way!

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@MJP_27 send me a feedback when ready :)

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As soon as I was about to join, my grad level drop, sad.

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Ups, sorry for that. Don’t worry now, I’ll open another airport soon…


Hey there! You did good just a few mistakes to work on!

  • The transition altitude was good. Just a thing to work on. It should’ve been 3,000. The formula for the transition altitude is this, Airport’s Altitude + 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet = Your altitude for the transition . So in that case, YSSY’s airport altitude is about 20ft so I’d add that and add 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet, I’d get 2,500 feet. But then, I’m not done. I have to round UP to the nearest 500. Then you get 3,000 feet. Which is your transition altitude.

  • You forgot to give me after the option make left/right traffic after you gave me cleared for the option. You always have to use it after someone requests a runway change for patterns or calls inbound for touch and go.

  • Also, I recommend to use airports that have parallel runways. I’d recommend starting off using airports like KFAT or KVAD. You don’t have to use these airports that have parallel runways. You can use any airport that have parallel runways. YSSY can be a place where people can not follow your instructions and you don’t want that.

Parallel runways look like this:



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Yes I noticed that. . But anyways, thanks for the feedback.


New airport opening today evening or tomorrow (my timezone)

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OMDB Is now open!!!

Please come :)

Edit: @Icelandair_TeamICE did you have time to come this time? ;)

OMDB Is closing in 5 min

OMDB Is now closed

Send me feedback who came :)