Mateo_Botha’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @FAOR

Hey there! My name is Mateo, and I would love to improve my atc skills. I’ll try to open ground and tower at FAOR for about 30-45 minutes every day for anyone who wants to drop by. Not sure if I’ll want to join IFATC at some point in the future, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there…


FAOR or JNB is the main international airport of Johannesburg and has an average annual passenger count of over 20 million (pre corona. South Africa has a pretty harsh lockdown in place)


Narrow bodies and GA aircraft only for pattern work please. If your heading somewhere else, feel free to grab a wide body. Please be nice, don’t taxi through anyone. I will not be responsible for any violations.(Please note there are limited spots capable of handling wide bodies at FAOR).

Any and all feedback is welcome, positive or negative. Please use you IFC handle as your display name when you join so I can better understand your feedback. Thanks. Training server by the way

Just so you know, if you join once, I’m going to tag you every time I open unless you specifically ask me not to do so…

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I’ll be opening at FAOR at 02:45 Zulu today!

On my way!
Callsign: FUVA05

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Great, thank you so much!

I’m sorry, but I had to leave early. Please send me your feedback!

Are you coming back?

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I think I can yes

Ok, spawning for inbound. Same callsign.

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FUVA05 Feedback: (it will be divided between your first and second connection)
Time for reference in the replay.

First Session

02:47 - You must wait for the pilot to ask for pushback/taxi (depending on his position); avoid forcing him to expedite his roll. Keep in mind, that you told me to taxi, and that parking position needed pushback.

02:49 - According to ATC manual, ATC should avoid the use of “expect runway X”, and should be use only when it’s necessary to tell the pilot where to face the pushback.

02:51 - Unnecessary “progressive taxi instructions” as it is used to deconflict traffic; and I was the only one on the airport.

02:56 - Pattern entry (left downwind) not required. Just a clearance.

02:59 - When cleared for the option, the turn from downwind to base is at pilot discretion. However, if you need to make him turn to avoid any conflict with other traffic you should use “Turn base” instead of “enter left base”.

03:02 - Good job with handling the G/A call.

03:04 - Happened the same as “02:59”.

03:07 - You gave me a exit runway command (at 120 knots), and I was just performing the touch and go. Remember that exit runway should be issued at 70-60 knots for jets and 40-30 knots for GA.

03:07 - When you cleared me for the option, you don’t have to tell me right or left traffic. The use for that command is for runway changes, inbound aircraft or a change of the pattern direction.

Second Session

03:22 - Unnecessary on-guard message as I was out of the tower range.

03:24 - Good transition altitude. [Transition altitude= Airport elevation + 2,500ft. (pattern altitude for jets + 1000ft for separation)]

03:24 - Unnecessary pattern entry. When an aircraft requests transition, doesn’t means he’s inbound, that’s why you must wait until he asks for inbound (if suitable).

03:27 - Well done recognizing I requested the inactive runway, and with the corresponding pattern entry.

03:28 - Your clearance lacked of a traffic specification. You should have told me “FUVA, number 1, Runway 03R, Cleared for the option, after the option make right traffic.”

03:30 - Same mistake than before, unnecessary and wrong use of “enter right base”.

03:33 - Wrong use of “enter right base”. First, because you were referring to the crosswind, and secondly because a pattern entry was not needed.

03:36 - When I requested a runway change, I must receive a pattern entry instruction, and then the clearance. (I only received the clearance). You did a good work by adding the “left traffic” to the clearance.

03:40 - When I reported that I was on final, I added a “full stop”. This is useful for you as a controller because you now know that I will be stoping, and not issuing another touch and go. With that being said, you must answer (when full stop’s included) “Roger” and not “Avoid sending duplicate messages”.

03:41 - Late exit runway command. Be aware of the speeds described above.

This is what I can observe from my position. I would recommend to visit the ATC manual to learn more, at least that (and obviously IFATC trainers) helped me a lot in learning how to correctly control a pattern work. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask.
Best of lucks!

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