Matei27's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

Hi IFC! I really like controling in Infinite Flight and I would like to become ATC, but first I want to practice.

I’m currently open at KONT
Pattern work is allowed.

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Hey one question why do you want me to taxi to 26R? :)

The runways 8R and 8L were red whrn you requested taxi but now the winds changed.

Just give me pattern instruction for 8R or 8L

Winds have changed again lol

Clear me for the option the option not to land :)

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Forgot that you had t and go

Thats okay

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Thank you for coming along!

Yeah no problem thanks for controlling at first you had some problems but then it went good keep practicing :)

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Any things that i can improve on?

Just be careful if i call t and go dont clear me to land and take a look at transitions :)

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Hi! I am open at KSMF. Patter work is allowed.

Spawning in now!


I forgot to tell you where to enter pattern.

Having connection issues. Let me reset.

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I moved on to KSNA.

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Great job opening up a tracking thread. Great to see more pilot interest in joining IFATC! That being said, practice makes perfect. Here are some of things I noticed.

  • Transition altitude of 2500’ was perfect. I always try to make sure that transition altitude is at least 2500’ to allow 1000’ vertical separation between aircraft flying in the pattern. GA typically fly 1000’ while jets fly around 1500’.

  • In my first flight, after I called inbound for touch and go, you cleared me to land 16R without pattern entry. All aircraft arriving at a controlled airport without approach frequency need to receive pattern entry instructions, sequence if need be, then clearance to land.

  • When I asked for runway change 16L, great job giving me new pattern instructions. On the other hand, not sure why I never got clearance to land. I’m sorry but I had to quit after that. I didn’t have time for that.

  • In addition, you need to make sure that commands are given in a speedy fashion. All commands given were probably 30 seconds to 1 minute too late.

Keep practicing. It takes time to get the feel for controlling. Doing great!

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Hello pilots!
I am now open at KONT.