Matei_Gr's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]@ LFBO

Training for my ATC test, looking to train my patterns. I would need 3-4 people to start. If someone is going to do transitions and then call inbound that would really great I would want to train that as well! Please do some things so I can get more work like: runway change, try to force go arounds, or send unnecessary reports. Things like that


🧐 interesting

What is it?

Ill be sue to srop by

Thanks you!

I would really like if someone else joined as well

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Hi 👋

I’ll stop by…11h30 Zulu 👍

I’ll do pattern work, RW changes, could do with the comms and procedures practice myself as well. Just don’t be giving me violations 🤣

I won’t, it’s in training server

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I would just like 3-4 people to join, it’ll be harder for me aswell

Ah, 😆 no problem …see you then 😎

Nice, thanks👍

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I’ll see if I can make it, should be okay. Making mistakes … I’m pretty sure I don’t need much prompting for that :)


Thank you!

I changed it to 12:00Z

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Hi there, Im sorry but due to my my zone 12:00z is midnight for me, I wont be able to join you later today but maybe another time.

Sure! Don’t worry bout it, we can do it now. I don’t mind

Yea sure! Ill spawn in now.

Ok, 2 minutes and I’m joining

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@paulscottrobson and @CapeSkunk are you guys coming?

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@CapeSkunk are you N180OG?