Matching RWY length with aircraft

Just a quick suggestion to some of the newer controllers, i realize you are busy when on ground/tower frequency but try to peek at the length of your rwys at the airports you’re controlling so you aren’t sending aircraft that are to large for that rwy. I’ve had a few instances over the last few weeks of being sent to a rwy that was between 4000 and 4500ft which isn’t practical for most commercial airliners i.e. the 737-800 i was flying. It saves excess talking on the frequency of having to ask for another rwy. As always I appreciate all of the hard work you all put in and have had excellent service lately. Hope no one takes offense to my post, i truly am just giving a helpful suggestion. :)


The reverse holds true if you’re piloting. Don’t be that guy requesting to take off from a GA runway when you’re in a 777.


Agreed, don’t be an idiot.


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