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Hey, I’m flying with another pilot and we have the same Mach speed, aircraft, settings, etc. but one of our aircrafts are always faster or slower than the others. This happened in other flights too. Is there a way where we could perfectly match speed, especially in a long haul? Thanks

How far apart is your separation? It might be due to wind differences if you’re substantially far away from the other aircraft.

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We started with 10nm separation but it’s getting closer and closer and I’m trying to figure out a way where we won’t collide into each other when I fall asleep

In this case to be safe, I would change your Mach speed to .01 or .02 slower in order to make sure you don’t fly through them in the middle of the night just to be safe. I am not sure what could be causing this though other than wind changes.

The problem with that is that spacing will be too much when we wake up

I believe it’s the aircrafts weight

We set it to be the same though

You and your flying buddy both need to change your speed .01 mach and bring it back to your original speed. .01 mach could be 3-5kts. By matching the Mach exactly you’ll be flying the same speed.

Something to consider too is the ground speed will vary slightly because the winds your flying buddy is experiencing 10nm in front of you could be greater or lesser than what you’re experiencing.


Thanks DeerCrusher unfortunately thunderbolts asleep right now, which I should be too 😂. I’ll adjust to see if I can get back on track

Ok. Your next option which is slight less accurate but will contradict what I just mentioned is, increase/decrease your speed with the SPD off. However, don’t reference your IAS. Look at your Groundspeed and match it to what Thunderbolts says when it flashes through. Once you see your groundspeed and his groundspeed match, hit SPD and renable it. It will lock you in at that groundspeed.

Thanks I’ll try that

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