Match Speed Button in Military AC


So today I bring a request that I believe would help formation flying as well as Naval/Air Force operations. A match speed button that you could press and the one you pressed on would be selected, giving you matching speeds with them. So as they decrease or increase speed, your plane would increase or decrease to match there speed constantly.

I think this would now be a better suit for military aircraft only


  1. Military operations can be helped with formation flying
  2. Acrobatic Teams can have better formations
  3. People flying togther can just stay close togther instead of one person coming ahead
  4. Events would have a speed off of the

The why
I believe this would better help many aspects of Infinite Flight in many ways. People dont have to worry about speed as much and can now know that they are good when in formation flying.

Dont believe this is a duplicate

Thanks for reading and paying attention. Hopefully this grab your attention and you will vote.
Thanks for your time

Sorry, no vote from me. Here is why;

This would take all of the skill out of doing any of the activities you have mentioned. I would end up just sitting here in essence, watching my pal fly my plane for me after I’ve copied his flight plan and pressed this match speed button.

I’m all for simplicity but I’m not for taking away skill, meaning and fun from the game. Sorry.


Excellent idea! But I think peoples can make it annoying when escorting other peoples in TS, maybe this option need to be just in expert server

Why not just copy the FPL and do the speed manually?🤷‍♂️


This is a good idea…but… I don’t see the use of this casually as if you are not doing airshows etc. and just a normal group flight with a planned original speed…If you stick to it I don’t see the point of this idea

I will not be voting, as this does not exist in the real world and takes out the skill of flying an aircraft

Infinite flight is a sim and should be regarded as much


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Good suggestion, but you need pilots who are interested in doing such flights and who will have the time to do formation flights together and perform aerobatic shows? Everyone’s too busy getting their aircraft to their destination! Unless you’ve a best friend who’s also playing IF who’s willing to fly with you.

Incorrect. Screenshot, straight from the Infinite Flight homepage.

Happy to debate this via DM :) haha


Things like this would take the simulation aspect out of Infinite Flight. If this were Tesla Simulator 2018, I’d be questioning why this isn’t already a feature, but it’s not, it’s a flight simulator. Find me one plane that has an autopilot setting for following another aircraft…


That’s a perfect way to copy someone’s FPL and manually change the speed.

Don’t really feel this is necessary. It’s well thought out and well written, but it’s a bit of a cheat. Planes already take so much of the piloting from us. Matching speed is very simple to do. First I ask for airspeed as indicated then I just look up and see my wingman GROUND SPEED and fine tune my airspeed to match. Very simple. Any questions or any help practicing formation flying, matching speeds and spacing. Pm me and I’ll certainly help out. 👍🏿👍🏿

This this is NOT a Freaking Game!!! 😁


Everyone keeps saying that this will take out the skill and the realism from the simulator… Does anyone actually have anything different to say or are we all going to keep repeating eachother?


The only reason I did this was because I flew a simulator for a new drone/Aircraft where when the plane flys in formation the pilot is matched with the other planes speed via A/P

@Kirito_77, anyone can say what they want as long as it isn’t offensive. Even if that’s a repetition of “it doesn’t add realism” or “I like this”. After all we do have a reply button. :)

@Playr_Mar, perhaps being a bit more nicer and straying away from the excessive use of caps may get you point over in a more friendly and mature way. :)

@Nycjacob negative off topic comments aren’t welcome. Please refrain from commenting unless you have something relevant and on topic to post. Arguing about a personal opinion on the entire simulator isn’t needed.




Agree…even if it is a group flight , if you are flying realisticly (you get what i mean lol) then there should be a pre-determined speed

If I need to follow someone we all arrange what speed we’re flying at before hand. I don’t think this is necessary.

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Why would you want this? Half the fun of formation and in-flight refuelling (believe me there isn’t much fun to be had whilst waiting for your tanks to fill) is the skill necessary to hold position.

A ‘match speed’ button would take that little skill out of the equation.

Practice makes perfect.