MASwings ATR-72-500

Hey IFC! Since the ATR-72 family is a rather highly requested aircraft, I would love to see the MASwings ATR-72-500 show its face in the final release. I personally feel like it’s an underrated airline and would look great in the Infinite Flight skies! The airline is based in Malaysia and is a great way to do short flights within the country!


Some information about the airline

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Image credit: Kody Chin from 9M-MWG | ATR 72-212A(500) | MASWings | Kody Chin | JetPhotos

Hi, out of votes but I would happily support you here. We need this aircraft and I like the livery as well. Good feature!

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Thank you! :D

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Nice Idea 😍🔥!

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nice addition for Malaysian! but sadly I can’t vote anymore hahah, well, Firefly will be great too 😍


More specifically the airline is a subsidiary of Malaysia Airline and serves in the Borneo region of Malaysia with their ATR72-500 as well as their Twin Otters into many STOLports. Rather undiscovered region and one that I highly recommend to check out.


Very good)

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Just wanted to bump this, would love to show my home state some love.

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