Masterjet Airbus A320-232

‘Head of State’ Airbus A320-232

Airbus A320-232 used by the Royal Family. I love the subtle Union Jack next to the door!


I think the interior looks lovely but the livery is just revolting.

You think, I mean if the flags came out the cockpit windows when on the ground it would look great!!

The royal family and government officials usually charter aircraft so I see no point in including them as there are many aircraft that have been previously used

They actually use this or the Airbus RAF plane like prime minister did over the past couple of days to get to the US

The whole point of the RAF plane is to stop these charter flights that waste the taxpayers money.

I agree! Its slimy that they still are chartering even though they spent so much money on the RAF conversion!!

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Duplicate. Sorry.


Really what this topic is a request for a charter plane owned by master jet, not related in any way to the UK. Just because it hasn’t been used doesn’t make it a head of state aircraft and it used to belong to Jet Blue believe it or not.

Damn good find, but this is the A320-232?!! haha

This isn’t even owned by the Royal Family. Completely misleading.

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Hence apostrophes?..

They also fly on BA aircraft doesn’t mean they own BA :p

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Why did you change the category of this if it’s a feature request?

It’s a duplicate is it not?

Duplicate topics need to be moved to the general topic so that’s why :)


I haven’t…For me it is a duplicate feature request…I’m changing it back @Thomas_Oehrling


Not necessary. They can stay in their categories. :)