Massive Protests at Hong Kong Airport causing all flights being cancelled

image Due to the protestors are at the airport, the airport has stopped working.
All check in are stopped.
All flights to and from hong kong will be cancelled.
this is the first time that the airport is FULLY shutted down.
@Marc asked for a source but it’s a chinese one:


Do you have any sources to share or further information to this? Details would be appreciated when posting a topic 🙈


anny source ?



thankyou very much!

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i now looked in to flight rada and ther is the first cancelled flight in 2hrs after than nearly evvery out going flight is cancelled. Incomming flights i couldn’t see much canceld flights for me that still loks like they are operating but its operating limited.

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They are all starting to cancel flights now.

HNK Departure Live

Access Control Measures

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also this looks for me like an limited opperation not like an full stop at the moment. @IsimonSays


That sucks :(

This is totally overdone, people have lost their self containment and is very radical too.

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Man those bad nuts are shutting the city’s important gate infrastructures down (i.e. MTR, Buses, and now HKIA), and what’s more important than keeping the region moving?

Sounds really bad over there in HKG…

To sum it up from CNN…

  • All flights grounded: All departing flights have been cancelled in Hong Kong, as thousands of demonstrators descend on the city’s International Airport.
  • Alleged police brutality: A small number of protesters have been demonstrating at the airport all weekend, but today’s mass gathering was sparked by allegations of unnecessary police violence on Sunday.

Yes it is @George

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Sheesh, I hate when government politics swiftly jump into to the aviation industry and ruin the safest mode of transportation!

Wow! That is so cool. Look at all the people

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Agreed, but I don’t feel a need that this had to happen at the airport. That’s what I’m saying. I have nothing about the protests, I hate the fact that due to something, all flights had to be grounded.


Alright boy, look if you didn’t watch the news a enormous mob of protesting students, after the YL assaults have protested around many other MTR stations last Monday so people can’t go to work and more stores had to shut down. Tell me why that’s significant.

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Hookay this is gonna get ugly reaaaal fast. My suggestion is unless you really know what’s going on over here, you stay quiet. We are fighting for the future of our freedom and our city, and it’s a much much much bigger issue than you might think. Read about it elsewhere if you want.



I’m out, see y’all ✌️


How is my comment political?