Massive Livery overhaul

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@Declan (sry for tagging) had said that #general was not the place for such topics( pls correct me if i’m wrong), so I decided to make this a #features request.

This sim needs a massive livery overhaul. There are many liveries that have been neglected.
Here is one thread about Russian liveries :-Deprived Russian IFC

I know about #features

This one is going to be about Indian liveries.

Mods, please don’t close this…people can discuss here about the liveries that they want.

We only have 4 airlines with partial fleets.

  • Jet Airways in IF only has the 739, while IRL they also had the 77W, A333, A332, 738,737MAX-8(not in sim),73W and ATR 72(not in sim).
  • SpiceJet in IF only has the 739 and Q400, while IRL they also have 73W, 738 and 737MAX-8(not in sim).
  • Glad that IndiGo has the A320. IRL they have A320N(not in sim), A321N(not in sim) and ATR-72-600 ( not in sim)
  • Air India in IF has the A321, 744, 77L, 77W and 788, while IRL they also have the A319, A320 and A320neo(not in sim). They had the 772, 742 in the old livery , 752 in a weird livery and the A332(not in sim) in the new livery.

Many airlines are missing from this list. They are(with the fleet) :-

  • GoAir - A320, A320N(not in sim)
  • Jet konnect - 73W, 738, 739, ATR-72 (not in sim)
  • Air Costa - E170
  • Air India Express - 738
  • Zoom Air - CRJ200
  • Air India Regional - CRJ700, ATR-72 and ATR 42 (not in sim)
  • Vistara - A320, A320N(not in sim), A321N(not in sim), 738 and 789.
  • Kingfisher - A320, A321, A332(not in sim), A380 and A359 (ordered but not delivered) and A345 (not in sim).
  • Simplifly Deccan (old)- A320 , ATR-42 and ATR-72 (not in sim)
  • Simplifly Deccan (Kingfisher) - A320, ATR-42 and ATR-72(not in sim)
    More airlines will be added to this list as I find them.

We need these liveries.

I’m not trying to blame the developers for anything.
The only liveries that are always added are of American and European airlines.

Please I am saying this again - I know about the #features category and I have voted for some of these liveries ( not all cuz vote limit) which have not been added yet like the Jet 77W etc.

Hi there. You aren’t allowed to have more then 1 livery / feature per topic. In addition, i’d recommend searching each feature and voting for them as majority should’ve already been requested. Thanks!


As mentioned above, please ensure there is only one feature request per features topic as per the rules for the category.

Thanks for the understanding!