Massive lag

Greetings. I’ve been experiencing a lot of lag throughout my gameplay. I just wanted to know whats up and if theres anything that can fix the problem, please let me know.

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What are your in game settings set on?

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Which device do you use?

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I kept my graphic settings low as possible. I also use a note 4.

Do you play live? If so, whats your airplane count at?

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No I do not althought I plan to do so. But i tried to reinstall the game and downloaded planes that I frequently use. But it still lags.

So it lags in solo mode?

Yup very odd ain’t it.

Because it’s Samsung and android I would highly recommend check background running apps, and close the unnecessary ones, while at it clean your storage for free space. Lag issues most likely to be device and Internet problem. If all IOS/Android has lag issue then it can be bug/live-server.

Still have the same problem even after deleting some of the useless files. Any more suggestions?

Why not try 3dmark benchmark test, you can find app in play store. It might flag if you have any issue with device.

Are you lagging on empty servers as well?

When I was getting it really bad with my Note 3, I had to finally complete a factory reset to fix it.

If your Samsung Note has the latest Lollipop firmware, it has some issues introduced by Samsung. The work around until Samsung fixes their issues is to perform a factory reset.

IIRC this is an issue with your device throttling your CPU performance when it gets too hot. It seems that this has been cause by recent Android updates where the throttling is a bit more aggressive.

We constantly working on optimizing IF to make it more power efficient (and reduce the impact on your device) but there is only so much we can do.

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I run an iPhone 6 on the latest iOS 8 and only experience lag on very populated servers when I am right next to multiple planes. Other than that the game runs flawlessly for me! :)

i have restarted my iPhone 6 and after that IF works perfectly.

Those lag made me climb just a few seconds until i land @ KSAN…