Massive lag appears when arriving/landing at the airports.

Massive lag appears when arriving/landing at the airports, Is that normal?

Which airport? Which device? Which plane? Which server? Settings?

KLAX / NEXUS4 / Cessna208 / ATC Playground / Water High / Anti-Aliasing Off

In Solo Mode it runs perfectly and smoothly.

Unfortunately not much anybody can do. It’s a combination of heavy traffic, device memory and the network in use.
Restart device, close apps, check network and maybe even restart its modern and router can help.


Thanks a lot!

In conjunction with what David said I found turning the plane count down significantly helps lag on live.


Lag happens. If it’s persistent or specific to a certain scenario, aircraft or airport that could be something else. For example the 747s have a lot of detail so it is possible that those who have had lag issue might experience more severe lag when the 747 is in use especially in high traffic.


Brandon’s suggestion helped me in the past. Reduce the plane count and quality greatly helped me at busy airports. Also be sure to reboot your device every now and then to keep things fresh.