Massive IT issue hits 5 airlines

Flights at airports across the US were delayed early Monday because of an IT failure affecting (Aerodata) at least five airlines, the US Federal Aviation Administration said.

Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, JetBlue, and Alaska Air were affected, and delays are expected, the authority told CBS.

On Monday, 492 Southwest Airlines flights were delayed, as were 116 flights operated by JetBlue, according to data from the Flight Aware tracking website. It is not clear how many of those delays were caused by the IT issue.


One of the few serious posts we’ll see today.

Interesting how very dependent these airlines are on their systems and if they go down, it really affects everyone.


This is actually real like many others have said.

Multiple airlines are tweeting, and responding to the issues.

With the program they’re all using really only one on the market

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Interesting stuff. 🤔


I had 505, 515, 535, and 550 departures here at PVD that didn’t leave until after 730. They were all boarded on time so everyone was just sitting on the aircraft.

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A few of the delayed airlines have grounded some of their fleet according to this article I found by USA Today

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