Massive Honolulu Flyout

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Yesterday, just a little over 25 hours ago, a flyout event happened at Honolulu in which I was attending. Here’s my collection of photos from the event.

Event Link For Event Specific Stuff: 16JUL22 / 1700Z | Aloha, Hawaii @ PHNL [DEPARTED]

Mini-Mod Repellent

Server: Expert
Aircraft: A330-300
Cruise Alt: 36,000ft

1| Chilling at the gate. @yenier_Rodriguez (Southwest 737) | @Jack.F (American 777)

Pushed back and starting engines, as the congestion begins to build with @ParagonDelta in the Alaska 2| 737 just in front of @AlaskaAirlines_17 in the Southwest 737.

3| Taxiing out to runway 8R

4| Taking off out of 8R, with the huge line of other event attendees in the background.
Now I’m going to @ everyone I found in the photo, because I can. From left to right: @the_ding, @ParagonDelta, @AlaskaAirlines_17, @AviatorKnight (UA 772), @RedWolf (DL A333), @DMulvin, @Klas892, @JayJayAviation, @yenier_Rodriguez

5| Nearing cruising altitude

6| Even closer to cruising, but with Maui and the Big Island lurking out there

7| Somewhere over the pacific, roughly halfway between Honolulu and Portland.

8| Passing over New Port (I’ll actually be visiting there relatively soon in real life)

9| Well into Descent, turning in towards Portland with Mount Hood very prominent in the photo.

10| I forgot how good of a butter machine the A330 is


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Thanks for stopping by!


Amazing pics! Keep up the great work


Glad you thought they were amazing!


brilliant pics friend!


Great photos!


😎Man what fun yesterday😇

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Still mad you wouldn’t let me on your plane😝

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Number 9 😍


Honolulu is the best! I wish I could’ve attended this event but it was a bit to early for me 😅

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Amazing! I loved this flyout.

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I’m in two pictures lol 😂👀