Massive Helicopter Operation taking place

The MV Viking has declared an evacuation of every person on their ship, the MV Viking lost power off the coast if Norway, as the cruise liner began to roll violently in windgusts appraoching 48 MPH and seas that at times reached a swell height over 25 feet.

CHC Helicopters have deployed their Sikorsky S-92s and Airbus H225 Super Pumbas. They have evacuated a great handful of people, 1,300 passengers are going be evacuated from the ship. This is CHC’s largest evacuation operation they said.

(photo owned by BBC)


@Daniel14 someone finally recognized boats! But becuais they’re sinking… 😂



Bad joke, Boo… Like a boat horn!

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But seriously, that’s insane, someone at my tournament today was all over this, that’s crazy!

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I just saw this, crazy hopefully all the helicopters work fine and everything works well!

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Well hopefully there eingens dont break since they dont float in the air, and airplanes sink to the “bottom” alot faster if you know what I mean 😂

It’s great to see them being competent crew. That sets them apart from other Captains from the past. I’m sure by this point it’s all complete, none the less it must have been a challenge landing in those sorts of winds on an unstable ship so I applaud them all.

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There still helicopters heading out to the ship it looks like friend of mine just posted a picture from them on flight radar in the group by men but this time they are using their Airbus

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The waves are too bad for them to use the lifeboats? All that helicopter flying seems pretty expensive and slow.

Viking Sky Viking is the line 😊

The ship is listing in excess of 15 degrees, anything beyond 15 and launching the lifeboats is impossible

Are you sure the ship is listing? Also, I thought the lifeboat tolerance was closer to 30 degrees.
Nonetheless, evacuation by helicopter is probably safer than by lifeboat.

I’m 100% sure it’s listing because there have been a few videos surfacing showing the excessive listing. Launching can’t be over 15 because of the length of the arms that reach over the ship and how far above the water it is and how tall the hull is. Here is the video:


I’m very relieved that an operation is going underway, even though it may take a while.

This is all too familiar, in the occurrence of the MTS Oceanos ship in 1991 where all the remaining passengers and crew (odd to refer to pax. and crew on a ship rather than an aircraft, right?) were airlifted via helicopter. It is an amazing story to learn, and I hope everyone survives comes out unharmed and safe from the MV Viking Sky.


2-4 in hospital

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Thanks for that. The latest BBC article (from literally 30 mins ago) says only 80 were taken ashore.

Geez, that seems really scary. It makes sense then why the lifeboats can’t be used. I also now understand why they’re in such a hurry to evacuate the ship; if I was on board, I’d be very worried about the ship capsizing.
Thanks for sharing!

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Yeah, it can be quite a scary situation especially considering the ship was delivered to Viking in 2017

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My scources from a NRK says they have grotten atleast 450+
Sorry for the post earlier another source Said they where done many hours ago

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Thank you. I just pulled these quite terrifying photographs from that BBC Article:


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